What should I do if the battery of the motorcycle has been left for a long time


If the battery is left out for a long time, the battery […]

If the battery is left out for a long time, the battery is often caused by the battery has not been charged for a long time, resulting in a loss of power. You can try to charge the battery to see if it can still be used. Row.
Generally, motorcycles need to be started once a month and run for about 10 minutes to charge.
The line is faulty and the battery is leaking. You need to go to a car repair shop to repair the car, and let the maintenance master check the wiring problem. If you don't check it, not only the battery is prone to loss, but also safety accidents in the later stage.
Carburettor cars will also suffer from battery shortages, which can result in failure to start. There will often be residual gasoline in the carburetor. If these gasolines are in contact with air for a long time, impurities will run in, and they will become gum after oxidation. The main measuring hole and idle speed measuring hole are blocked. At this time, the carburetor needs to be cleaned before it can be started.

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