How to maintain motorcycle battery


(1) Daily maintenance of battery ①Set up the main frame […]

(1) Daily maintenance of battery
①Set up the main frame of the motorcycle to keep the battery level. Check whether the liquid level is between the upper and lower marking lines. If the liquid level is lower than the lower marking line, add distilled water.
② Frequently clean up the dirt on the surface of the battery shell to keep it clean, and check if there is any electrolyte overflow.
③ Check whether the wire connectors are in good contact, and whether the wire connectors connected to the positive and negative terminals are corroded. If the wire connector is corroded or rusted, it can be removed and cleaned with a brush. When disassembling, you should start with the negative pole first, and be careful not to make the negative pole touch the car body.
④ When cleaning and reinstalling, the positive electrode should be connected first, followed by the negative electrode. This operation can prevent short circuits. Because the positive terminal is easy to be corroded (hydrogen gas is easy to evaporate during work), a layer of grease should be applied to prevent corrosion.
⑤Check whether the small vent on the filling cap is unblocked. If it is blocked, unscrew it and ram it through with a thin steel wire.
⑥Check whether the battery is installed firmly, if it is loose, it should be tightened.
⑦Check the electrolyte density regularly, adjust the density when changing seasons, and charge it in time when the discharge level exceeds the regulation.
⑧ Observe the lower part of the battery. If there is sediment on the bottom layer, it means that the plate has fallen off and the service life is approaching. You should prepare to replace the battery with a new one.
⑨ When it is found that the battery is working abnormally, it is necessary to find out the cause in time and eliminate the fault.

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