Precautions when maintaining the battery


(1) Maintenance of the battery ① The battery will gener […]

(1) Maintenance of the battery

① The battery will generate explosive gas when using and charging, so it is strictly forbidden to be close to open flame or high temperature. Also avoid positive and negative short circuits and loose positive and negative terminals.
② The electrolyte contains strong acid, so it should be prevented from splashing on the skin, eyes and clothes. In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. If accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water or milk immediately and send to hospital for treatment.
③ The installation of additional power-consuming accessories such as anti-theft devices will have a certain impact on the battery. It is recommended to use the anti-theft alarm recommended by the manufacturer. Using other anti-theft alarms may cause the circuit system to work abnormally, and even damage the battery, igniter, voltage regulator rectifier and other related electrical components.
(2) Check the battery level
Check whether the liquid level in each single cell is between the lower limit line (LOWER) and the upper limit line (UPPER) marked on the battery case or 10-15mm higher than the electrode plate. Liquid port cock, fill with distilled water to the position of the upper liquid level indicator line
(3) Inspection of battery electrolyte density
Use a density meter to measure the density of the electrolyte in each single cell, and it should be 1.26 to 1.29 (the liquid temperature is 20°C). More than 1.29 supplement distilled water, less than 1.26 supplementary charging

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