Misunderstandings in the use and maintenance of motorcycle batteries


Misunderstanding four: add distilled water at will Some […]

Misunderstanding four: add distilled water at will

Some car owners often do not pay attention to distinguish between electrolyte leakage due to damage to the battery shell or normal wear and tear when they check the liquid level. If they find that the electrolyte level is reduced, add distilled water. As a result, the electrolyte density is significantly reduced, which makes the battery Can not work normally.

   Some car owners do not understand the technical performance of the battery and mistakenly believe that as long as the electrolyte is added, it can restore its working ability. As everyone knows, this will cause the battery electrolyte density to continue to increase, which will not only increase its internal resistance, the terminal voltage drops rapidly, but also because the viscosity of the electrolyte increases, the permeability becomes worse, and the battery charge capacity decreases. Therefore, when the battery electrolyte density drops, the battery should be recharged in time, do not add electrolyte at will.

   Misunderstanding 6: Wash with distilled water before adding electrolyte

   It is completely unnecessary to clean the new battery with distilled water before adding the electrolyte. This will not only cause waste of materials and working hours, but also penetrate the distilled water inside the electrode plate, which will dilute the electrolyte and reduce the density of the electrolyte, thus affecting the battery performance. For the repaired battery, it should be cleaned with electrolyte before use.

   Misunderstanding 7: The battery does not perform supplementary charging

  In order to reduce the active material on the battery plate in time, reduce the vulcanization of the plate, increase the charge capacity of the battery, and extend its service life, the battery of the vehicle in use should be regularly recharged.

  The above points are errors that are easily generated in the use of the battery, and everyone should pay enough attention to it and strictly follow the requirements for the use of the battery to avoid the above errors.

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