The rapid rise of Lead acid battery Lead acid battery technology


After years of development, its specific energy, cycle […]

After years of development, its specific energy, cycle life, high and low temperature adaptability and other issues have broken through. At present, our country is gradually narrowing the gap with the international leading technology, in some core technology has reached the international level, and more and more access to the international market.

The most obvious feature of the Lead acid battery is that it has a screwed-off plastic seal on the top and vents on top. These injection caps are used for filling pure water, checking electrolyte and discharging gas. In theory, the Lead acid battery needs to check the density and height of the electrolyte at each maintenance and add distilled water if it is lacking. But as battery manufacturing technology has improved, Lead acid battery have evolved into lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and colloidal maintenance-free Lead acid battery that do not require the addition of electrolytes or distilled water. The main use of positive oxygen can be generated in the negative absorption oxygen cycle, can prevent the reduction of water. Lead-acid water batteries are mostly used in towing vehicles, tricycles and starting vehicles, while maintenance-free Lead acid battery are used in a wider range of applications, including uninterruptible power supply, electric vehicle power and electric bicycle batteries.


With the increasing competition in the Lead acid battery industry, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large Lead acid battery enterprises have become more frequent, china's leading Lead acid battery companies are paying more and more attention to the industry market research, especially the in-depth study of the development environment of enterprises and the changes in customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic outstanding Lead acid battery brand rapid rise, gradually become the Lead acid battery industry leader!

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