How to choose a battery?


1. Select a brand of battery. When buying a car battery […]

1. Select a brand of battery. When buying a car battery, try to buy a brand name, the quality is guaranteed. But be careful, there are also counterfeit brands, and you need to go to a regular auto parts center to buy them.

2. Carefully refurbished. Some batteries look very new and are likely to be refurbished.

3. Have a shelf life. Buying a new car battery must have a certain shelf life, so that such a battery can be used. Don't run out of power after using it for a while.

4. Pay attention to whether the battery interface is brand new. After the battery is purchased, it is necessary to carefully check the interface to see if it is brand new and whether there is any trace of use. Some new batteries have been used for a period of time and should not be purchased.


5, the battery should pay attention to electricity protection. When buying a new battery, you should also pay attention to the protection of electricity consumption. You can't turn off the headlights after turning off the flame, which is very power-hungry. Usually try to turn on the radio and lights as little as possible.

6. Select the applicable battery type and size. If the storage battery is too large or too small, there are hidden dangers in use. Therefore, you should choose a storage battery suitable for your car, and buy a battery suitable for the electrical appliance according to the size and characteristics of the power consumption of the electrical appliance.

7. Buy a new battery. Pay attention to check the production date and shelf life of the battery, buy a recently produced battery (new battery), the new battery has good performance.

8. Pay attention to the appearance. Pay attention to the appearance of the battery, and choose a battery with exquisite packaging, neat appearance, clean appearance, and no signs of leakage.

9. Choose environmentally friendly batteries. Since the mercury in the battery is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the environment, you should choose the battery with the words "mercury-free", "0% mercury" and "no added mercury" on the trademark when purchasing. The above is an introduction to the relevant content of how to choose a battery. I believe that everyone has some understanding of the above, and I hope it will be useful to everyone.

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