Classification and characteristics of air batteries


Zinc Air Battery Zinc-air battery is a primary battery […]

Zinc Air Battery

Zinc-air battery is a primary battery that uses activated carbon to adsorb oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as the positive active material, zinc as the negative electrode, and ammonium chloride or caustic alkali solution as the electrolyte. Also known as zinc-oxygen battery.

The charging process of the zinc-air battery is very slow. In order to solve this problem, usually the negative zinc plate or zinc particle of the zinc-air battery is oxidized to zinc oxide and fails, and the zinc plate or zinc particle and electrolyte are directly replaced. method to completely renew the zinc-air battery.

Lithium-air battery

Large-capacity lithium-air batteries are not a new concept, and the reason why they have not been popular so far is that they have fatal flaws.


Lithium-ion batteries are already ideal for next-generation plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, but their potential is limited. Theoretically, metal lithium-air batteries, which have a much higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries, have attracted much attention. It greatly improves the energy density of the battery with a new composition. Since oxygen in the air is used as the active material on the positive electrode, the capacity density of the positive electrode is theoretically infinite, and the capacity can be increased. In addition, if metal lithium is used in the negative electrode, the theoretical capacity will be increased by a single digit compared with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

However, the reason why the lithium-air battery has not been popular so far is that it has a fatal defect, that is, the solid reaction product lithium oxide will accumulate on the positive electrode, so that the contact between the electrolyte and the air is blocked, thus causing the discharge to stop.

Aluminum Air Battery

Aluminum-air battery, as the name suggests, is a new type of battery that uses aluminum and air as battery materials. It is a non-polluting, long-lasting, stable and reliable power supply, and a very environmentally friendly battery. The structure of the battery and the raw materials used can be changed according to different practical environments and requirements. It has great adaptability and can be used both on land and in the deep sea. The signal battery is a very powerful battery with broad application prospects.

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