What are the advantages of liquid batteries?


First, it is made of electrolyte Electrolytes are made […]

First, it is made of electrolyte

Electrolytes are made of solid or colloidal polymer electrolytes, which are similar to plastic membranes and cannot conduct electrons but allow for ion exchange (rechargeable atoms or groups of atoms), replacing traditional porous separators immersed in electrolyte. The biggest material difference from liquid lithium-ion batteries is that their electrolytes are made of liquid or colloidal electrolytes.

Second, the way of shaping.

The liquid battery can be thinly deformed, and theoretically it can be made with a thickness of less than 0.05mm. It can also achieve any area and any shape to better meet product requirements, and make batteries of any shape and capacity, providing solar street light developers with flexible and flexible power solutions, which can maximize their product performance.

Third, the safety performance is good and stable

In terms of safety, polymer lithium-ion batteries also show great advantages, and polymer lithium-ion batteries are mostly soft-packed batteries, and the outer casing is generally made of aluminum-plastic film. The structure material has good plasticity, flexibility and mechanical strength, and also has good performance in barrier properties, heat sealing properties and the like. The electrolyte inside is solid or colloidal, there is no excess electrolyte, so it is more stable and will not cause dangerous situations due to excessive charging of the battery, needle sticks, bumps or other damage, and overuse Liquid Lithium-ion batteries are safer .

Fourth, the shape and size of the liquid battery can be customized arbitrarily

Manufacturers are not limited to a standard form factor and can be economically made to the right size. The polymer battery can add or reduce the thickness of the battery cell according to the needs of customers, and develop new battery cell models. The price is cheap and the mold opening cycle is short. battery capacity.

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