• Gel battery technology

    Gel battery technology

    The raw material of colloidal battery is a white, amorphous, non-toxic and non-polluting inorganic nano-powder material obtained by high-temperature hydrolysis and polycondensation of halosilane in a hydrogen-oxygen flame. It has small particle size, large specific surface area and high surface acti...

    Jul 15,2022 Industry News
  • What are electrolytes

    What are electrolytes

    What is an electrolyte? An electrolyte and an electrolyte are not the same. It should be said that the electrolyte contains an electrolyte, because the electrolyte is a solid state, which generally refers to a substance in an ionic state. The electrolyte is dissolved in a liquid solvent to form an e...

    Jul 08,2022 Industry News
  • Application of Lithium Batteries in Electric Vehicles

    Application of Lithium Batteries in Electric Vehicles

    Lithium batteries are widely used, and because of their unique performance advantages, they have been widely used in the electronic age, such as notebook computers, cameras, mobile phones and so on. The emergence of the new energy vehicle industry has greatly promoted the development of lithium batt...

    Jul 01,2022 Industry News
  • Why does the battery have no output

    Why does the battery have no output

    When receiving feedback from customers that the cylindrical 18650 lithium battery pack cannot be charged or has no output (for example, the analysis of the lithium battery pack is Sanyo 18650, 11.1V lithium battery pack), the battery is now confirmed, tested and analyzed as follows: 1), confirm the ...

    Jun 24,2022 Industry News
  • Electric vehicle lithium battery maintenance

    Electric vehicle lithium battery maintenance

    Electric vehicles are a green sunrise industry that has been developing in my country for decades. Lithium batteries, which are the power source of electric vehicles, are deeply loved by consumers due to their lightness, durability and high cycle times. In today's increasingly common lithium battery...

    Jun 17,2022 Industry News
  • Lithium battery aging

    Lithium battery aging

    Aging generally refers to the placement of the battery after the first charging and formation after the battery is assembled and injected. It can be either normal temperature aging or high temperature aging. The function is to stabilize the properties and composition of the SEI film formed after the...

    Jun 09,2022 Industry News
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